Dan Sciscente is a visionary and entrepreneur and the founder of e-Nov, Inc. and Communi-T, Inc. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Dan Sciscente has consulted for companies such as BCE, Hydro Quebec, Gaz Metropolitain, Commission de Construction de Quebec, IBM, Air Canada, Trans-Continental Media and Bombardier Aerospace, to name a few.

Dan Sciscente Videos

Dan Sciscente Introduces Communi-T 2.0

Dan Sciscente founded e-Nov, a Canadian company that builds search engines and interactive websites. It was while working with e-Nov that Dan Sciscente discovered his talent for managing innovative technology projects, ranging from SAP implementations in small to large businesses to large-scale SAN migrations.

Riding the Wind with Dan Sciscente

Most people are surprised to learn that Dan Sciscente, a widely respected Information Technology entrepreneur and co-founder of the leading SAP interface software firm Communi-T, is also an avid motorcyclist. Today, we learn that there are many undiscovered roads on the eastern seaboard that can easily feed any motorcyclist’s appetite..

Dan Sciscente Discusses the Benefits of Mobile SAP

Dan Sciscente has emerged as a leader in the Canadian I.T. industry, first as founder of eNov, Inc. and later as co-founder of Communi-T, Inc. Over the years, Dan Sciscente discovered he had a passion for SAP software solutions.

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